Sunday, October 13, 2013

Witches of East End Season 1 Episode 2 free watch

Witches of East End S01E02
Show Name: Witches of East End
Season 1 Episode 2
Episode Name: Millicent Fenwick, R.I.P.
Genre: Drama, Family, Fantasy, Horror/Supernatural, Mystery, Thriller
Aired: Sundays at 10:00 pm
Runtime: 60 Minutes

Based on Melissa de la Cruz's best-selling novel, Witches of East End centers on the adventures of a mother and her two adult daughters -- both of whom unknowingly are their family's next generation of witches -- who lead seemingly quiet, uneventful modern day lives in Long Island's secluded seaside town of North Hampton. When one of the daughters becomes engaged to a young, wealthy newcomer, a series of events forces her mother to admit to her daughters they are, in fact, powerful and immortal witches.

The show is reasonably charming straight out of the gate, watch Witches of East End season 1 episode 2 online as the story progresses, the intelligence of the writing gains traction. Don't even think about how many foot puns might have been missed out on this season. The script and plot are as out-there as other series. Witches of East End could be a good study of acting, since it's wonderful cast gets under the grimy skin of their characters. Superb writing, casting, and chemistry of lead characters is irresistible. Of course, Witches of East End s01e02 is going to owe the audience a ton of payoff. You can just check in somewhere else equally compelling to stall The show is sometimes sweet and wry, sometimes crass and vicious, and, though often subtle, watch Witches of East End s01e02 stream it embraces that title and flings itself boisterously into a hacky premise! There’s more than enough intrigue and entertainment.

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